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Naive – that's what I’ve been and things have piled up to make a landfill of memories.
I think back through the years - the years that I myself have made pointless.
If i had a cent of self-esteem back then i would have seen the signs, i would have tried to live it up a little bit...
These stupid questions of 'what if' are so stupid. We all ask these questions all the time, and we all know its such a waste of time... but we love to think of possibilities, maybe its not such a waste of time...
I shat my teens away. I threw them in that garbage pile of times that i hated, things that i wanted to forget... but I, only me, made it so painful and pointless... those years wasted. I'll look like the biggest dumb idiot trying to go back and have the years i never had... At least i will think of myself that way, many others may just not even notice or care. Advice i can see being given to a character in my situation "Stop Judging!" Enjoy yourself, and have a good time. "Stop feeling judged!" People like you when you're you, people don't like whiney mopey dopes.

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