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Thursday, May 7

may fifth, one, two. uh oh!

reply written. photographed on may 13th

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  1. In his presence
    She becomes a child.
    But…yes, unsure…
    Toddling shyly along the wall.

    She is not used to feeling like this.
    He says wonderful things
    And her insides become Twizzlers.
    (Strawberry, of course)

    It must be his inviting arms
    And his goofy grin
    And his compassion for the earth.
    And it must be his words
    And his honesty
    And his attempts at speaking French
    That make her laugh
    And make her feel so alive.

    It is so easy.
    He is so close and her pulse goes double dutch.

    She doesn’t know what to do.
    She doesn’t know what to say.
    But for once, she doesn’t mind…
    She is still here.